Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back to the Winter Wonderland

Last night I got up and saw pink light coming through the windows and knew there would be snow in the morning. I was right, but surprised at the amount that fell. A neighbor has been going around clearing off the sidewalks and driveways on our street with a snow blower. Thank you!!

Three of the CDPB photos I loved today are:
Richmond Upon Thames
Twin Cities


Bergson said...

superb photograph

it is necessary to follow the Mister not to slip ?

Rambling Round said...

A snow blower! Looks like fun!

Mrs. Miles said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - decided to come and check yours out too. YW for the info about forwarding emails... I love to share GOOD knowledge. If you come across something you think has to be shared pls email me and I will blog it if I can! My email address is lalalime(at)hotmail(dot)com

We get a little snow, then it goes, get some more, gone... just enough, not too much.

have a great day!

PS we loved Utah when we visited a few yrs ago - beautiful state you live in!

Barb (Mrs. Miles)

zentmrs said...

Thank goodness for great neighbors! This is a fun photo - growing up in Minnesota, I always enjoyed watching people shoevel/blow snow more than doing it myself!

Lilly said...

Great picture. Love the snow!

Jana said...

THanks for the nice comment over at Susanville Daily Photos.

It looks like you got the same storm that passed through here with snow! We too had a nice neighbor clear our driveway. Thank goodness for neighbors!

Jules said...

Wow - this is so different to the weather here - which is always warm.

Great action shot!!!

CrazyCow said...

Lawn mower for the snow. Certainly looks more fun than mowing a lawn :-)

Thanks for you visit to my blog.

You certainly live in a beautiful part of your country.

Gwen said...

I've never seen a snowblower before! It looks chilly there but the photographs on your blog always show Utah as a stand out for natural beauty.

smilnsigh said...

Lucky you are, to have such a neighbor. Hope some gave him a cup of coffee and some coffee cake, for his efforts. :-)