Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Road Trip: Mesa Verde

Ok, this isn't even in Utah, so I feel a little bit guilty posting it, but it's from my little vacation and I like the picture and I had A FABULOUS TIME. So don't get mad! I't s only about 5 hours from my house.
This is part of Spruce Tree House at the Mesa Verde National Park. We read an article in Sunset Magazine a few months back that listed this as one of the places you must go before you die, so we did it and we LOVED it!


Anonymous said...

Just stop and think of all the people; men, women and children, who were there ages ago. It makes the site more compelling than ever.

Jim said...

Wonderful picture, post more. Since I discovered the daily photo sites, I have been saying I want to visit a lot of places before I die. Utah is one of them.