Monday, March 10, 2008

Scenery Photographed on my way to pick up my Girl Scout Cookies

I got my Girl Scout Cookies today. I was just wondering the other day about when they would come in and was elated to get the phonecall today. We ordered a few boxes of all of our favorites: Samoas [our ABSOLUTE FAVES], Tagalongs, AllAbouts and Thin Mints. I would have ordered Lemon Coolers, but unfortunately they are no longer being sold. Bummer. I am very good at saving them, spacing them out and making them last all year. We just finished off the last of the Thin Mints in December. My friends remember that I packed a box of Thin Mints over a year ago in January to take to the hospital when I had my baby.
What are your favorite Girl Scout/Campfire cookies? Do you eat them all or save them?


Jim said...

I like the picture, love GS cookies, but try to stay away from them.

Jana said...

Too bad there are no more Lemon Coolers. Our council has Lemonades, which are yummier then the coolers! I bought 5 boxes!

Neva said...

Somehow the Girl Scouts missed me this year.....and I am usually a BIG consumer! I love the caramel delights and the peanut butter cookie sandwiches...don't know what they call them now but I can eat a whole package in one it is a good thing I didn't get any this year!