Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DUP Presentation

We had the most wonderful family home evening last night, which involved the Steel Days geocaching activity (though I will post pictures of that later... don't want to ruin anyone's fun!), a tour of the ML Bigelow organ shop and the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers presentation at the DUP Relic Hall in American Fork. This is one of the DUP ladies telling a story about a pioneer woman who planted her garden, only to find her chicken eating all of the seeds out! The story didn't end well for the chicken, he ended up getting his "craw" removed and becoming chicken noodle soup! This lady was a WONDERFUL story teller.


Boise Diva said...

I especially like the old wagon wheel display, they always bring a smile to my face - and I photograph them whenever I can!

Chandlermom said...

Our family loves geocaching! I always have to explain it to people, and they sometimes still don't get it!

thanks for visiting my blog - cheers!