Saturday, September 06, 2008

Square Foot Garden or Just Raised Beds?

I checked out the squarefoot gardening video and book from the American Fork Library. Though I didn't create my own raised beds yet, I am extremely interested in the system and plan to create my own squarefoot garden next year. I believe these are what is left of the squarefoot gardens at Thanksgiving Point, but they are more like just raised beds without the dividers. Still a very lovely garden.

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Anonymous said...

Been there done that. Honestly. We made these raised beds for gardening when my kids were all at home. Mine were made from wood but looked nice in the beginning. I found that they looked worse as time when on and the beds are supposed to be made so you can set on the edges and reach over into the middle to pluck out the goodies and pull up the weeds. Mine never seemed to work like that. My scarecrows looked even worse.