Monday, October 22, 2007

Chadder's: An American Fork Original? Not Exactly.

Chadder's opened a few months ago in American Fork over near the Meadow's shopping center. It created quite a stir because people swore that it was "just like In N Out."

Well, it turns out it really was just like In N Out. The people from the real In N Out took them to court and Chadder's had to change their color scheme and quit serving items off the the In N Out 'secret menu'.

When it first opened, the line for the drive-through went clear across the parking lot of Smith's grocery store, but the lines have died down now. The closest In N Out is in Las Vegas and most California natives will say it is worth the drive. Chadder's is still pretty busy on weekends and I usually see a few people in the drive-through when I drive past. When it was making news for the copycat scandal we went and waited in line to try it, simply because we thought it might be gone soon. The food was pretty good, very much like In N Out, actually.

HOT TIP: If you want a REALLY good burger in American Fork, you will go to Parker's Drive-In or JCW's.


Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

It has a UFO-like quality in the photo. :) It is surprising how they had copied even the color scheme.

Annie said...

You know, the copycat feature of this would have gone right over my head since there's no In-n-Out in my town and I've never seen them in CA. I'd probably flunk a cultural-competence test if it was written in CA.