Monday, November 05, 2007

As Seen On Main Street: Day 1

Why does this old truck have a shopping cart in the back? I know it is wise/trendy to bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store nowadays, but this is something I have never heard of.

I had a fun walk down the Main Drag in American Fork today and will be posting a few more pictures from my trek this week.

Don't forget that tomorrow is election day in The States. Those of you who live in Utah won't have a chance to forget, we have been inundated with ads for and against Referendum 1 for what seems like months and it will just get more intense until the election is passed.

I am going to make a prediction: I don't think that Referendum 1 will pass.

NOTE: Referendum 1 is the name of the school voucher bill here in Utah. It allows parents to pull their students from public schools and take funding with them to pay for private schooling. It is VERY controversial here!!


Jim said...

Oh my goodness, does the car still run? LOL. What is referendum 1 about? Here is Texas we will be voting tomorrow for 16 proposed state constitutional amendments. I am suppose to be reading up on the issues now. UGH

Steve Buser said...

You know, Annie, if we opened our eyes and went around capturing shots of all the mysteries we come upon. Or things we wonder about. I am convinced we would be amazed and just how much more complex the world is than what we let into our conciousness each day.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

smilnsigh said...

Maybe the truck owner was going to collect stray grocery carts. Maybe the store gives a 'reward' for returned carts. :-)