Friday, November 09, 2007

Peter Pan at American Fork High School

I LOVED this musical tonight. The singing, the dancing, the acting and the FLYING!! Peter was phenomenal!! The play opened last night and continues on next week. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who is in the area. Of course we didn't snap any pics during the performance (our little Easyshare doesn't do that well in low-light anyway) but caught this precious moment afterward. We don't actually know who these adorable little Peter and Wendy are, but they were posing with Peter Pan after the play and we snapped this picture.

Important Info:

Peter Pan

American Fork High School Auditorium

November 8-10, 12-16

7:00 pm

$7, $6 for students, $4 for children or $35 for a family pass


Lynette said...

Precious. Thanks for reminding me about the joys of high school musicals!

PaB said...

Great story.
Children spectacles are always a pleasure for parents (for the others sometimes not ?).

"Slightly Soiled" in the play said...

Just so you know, Peter was Sajata Boyle, and Wendy was Aly Best.