Friday, February 22, 2008

Okay, so I was half right in my Idol Predictions and Roadtrip: BYU's Bean Museum

I was only half right yesterday in my Idol Predictions, but not at all shocked by who was eliminated. I felt bad for Colton when Simon said that he should get a good job and just enjoy singing in his spare time. "Bit rude Simon."

Anyway, I had a fun adventure taking the UTA bus down to BYU to see the Bean Museum. It had less to do with beans and more to do with stuffed animals. I went down to see the photography exhibition they had and it was incredible. I don't know how they judged it, because every photo was stunning!


Neva said...

Not an Idol fan but I catch it every now and then.....this is an interesting photo.

umily said...

very interesting. The photo is so vivid. Its bringing back memories or the pleasant smell of that museum. I can't get enough of the preserved animals.

Palm Axis said...

I like how they are all looking in the other direction except for the Gezzel who, close to the lens, is looking back at us.