Friday, February 15, 2008

What are we reading in American Fork?

This is a shot of the books that are on hold at the American Fork Library this afternoon. I think it's interesting to see what people are reading.

Some of the titles are
Levin Thumps and the Whispered Secret (Twice)
What Your First Grader Needs to Know
Artemis Fowl
City of Bones
The Wednesday Letters
The Giver
Lunch Money
Ender's Shadow
Fablehaven (I loved this book!)
Wives and Daughters
The Ruins
Big Boned
Team of Rivals
Austenland (Also loved this one)
A Train to Potevka
At Heaven's Door
Lone Survivor
America's Cheapest Family
North and South
New Moon (Who DOESN'T love the Twilight series?)
The Thirteenth Tale
Skeleton Key

...and others that I couldn't quite make out.

Are these books popular where you are at?


Rambling Round said...

Well, I don't know except that I have never read any of these. I will have to look for some of them at our library.

lynn said...

It is interesting yes but i've not read one of them!

J Scott Savage said...

Clearly Shadow Mountain Publishing is well represented. I loved all teh Fablehaven books.