Friday, June 12, 2009

Meet Helen

So I am a bit late in posting about the Saving Main Street rally that took place a few months back... but I did attend and take some photos and had a great time. This is Helen and she makes the most AMAZING blessing gowns. Check out her website. She has a business, You Will Be Blessed, along Main Street here in American Fork.

Her website tells this about her:

"Helen is the designer and creator of our baby gowns. She was professionally trained in Europe and has over 30 years of sewing experience, including 13 years sewing for world famous designer Christian Dior in New York City. She now lives in Highland, Utah with her family."

You should definitely stop by if you are heading down Main Street or look at her website for any and all of your baby blessing gown needs. Her work is spectacular and she is an incredibly nice person.


David Lynch said...

I am having two suits altered by her too. She does a lot more than just baby blessing gowns (which she is best known for). She does it all and she does amazing work.

Jen said...

Wow. Beautiful gowns. I am going to have to pass on the link to friends out here. It's so hard to find reasonable and beautiful blessing dresses.

Neva said...

Her work is just lovely!

Michael and Anita said...

Those dresses are beautiful!

I just wanted to say I am SOOO glad that someone else knows the "We live in Washington" song!! Hooray! :) Hope you guys are doing good and that you actually see this--I wasn't sure where to comment on your website.

Anonymous said...
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