Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 Buck Tuesday: SNAKE!

This little fella was resting just under the water on top of a lilypad near the rose garden at Thanksgiving Poing Gardens.
Thanksgiving Point in Lehi is a wonderful family-friendly attraction all year round, but it becomes extremely budget-friendly in August when each location is only 2 dollars on Tuesdays. We have been to the gardens 3 times this month and it has been lovely.


lizziviggi said...

I've heard of a snake in the grass, but never a snake on a lilypad! ;-)

Costin Comba said...

Great shot. Congratulation.

Jimmy said...

Protect the badgers! Other than this, nice picture, how did you catch it? :D

call Nepal

Jonathan said...

I often find snakes in my outdoor venue in Utah. The biggest one I gave seen was about two feet. There was one time when there was a rattle snake in my back yard.