Sunday, December 02, 2007

Angels Get Thirsty Too

They had a fun program at the North Hampton House this evening, a drive through Christmas Program with a Nativity and an opportunity to meet with Santa and his elf Bert. These are the angels from the Nativity, which was great. The costumes were fun and they had live goats and donkeys.

We only asked Santa for one thing... PLEASE FIX OUR PLAYSTATION.

What are you asking Santa for??


Annie said...

I hope there are angels as sweet as these waiting for me someday.

I found just the present Santa is supposed to bring for me this Christmas. And to save him the trouble, I bought it and will wrap it and will put it under the tree, from him to me. Isn't he just the nicest gifter?

Me said...

This is an excellent shot. The use of light is very engaging as is the fact that three subjects are looking in one direction and one distracted which adds panache to the picture.

(I'm asking Santa for a bottle of Pedron tequila which is sublime with jackfruit and mango but very hard to get here).

smilnsigh said...

What a precious picture!!!

And isn't it cute, that the angel's drink, is in a white container? Allll is white! :-))))