Monday, December 03, 2007

Got Liberty? Ron Paul Revolution at the AF Library

Of course I am voting for Mitt Romney, but this guy is pretty interesting. He has some fanatical supporters here in Utah and his name seems to be plastered everywhere. Is this just Utah or is the Ron Paul Revolution occurring all over the USA?


Jim said...

Its not just Utah. He has his supporters here in Texas, of course thats where hes from. I think right now he is this years Howard Dean, not in political views (HA) but in the way he is getting his support. He has a very large online support network who are very vocal. It makes it hard to judge just how popular he really is. I like him, but by the time Texas has its primary I think the nominees will already be decided.

Waldo Oiseau said...

I have just one friend who is a Libertarian and is a Ron Paul fan. The only think I know about libertarians is that they think everyone should own a firearm or something like that! :)

I'm a Hillary gal myself.