Saturday, December 29, 2007

Inside Dough Boys and Flour Girls

So, went back today for lunch. YUM! We loved it and it is just as cute inside as it looks like it should be!

We strongly recommend the chowder and the cinnamon rolls, since that is what we had. But, from the looks and smells of everything and the happy customers, I think that you would be pleased with anything. They make everything from scratch, EVEN CROISSANTS.
We would go back soon, but I am afraid that wouldn't support this blogwriter's New Year's Resolutions. In a few weeks (maybe, days?), when we have given up our resolve, we'll go back and get some more cinnamon rolls. They are fabulously ooey and gooey.
*They give samples*


Jim said...

Everything looks so good. My annual New Years resolution is to diet. I am hoping to make it till the middle of the month this year.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

MMMmmm, looks tasty, yr making me hungry--cool shot.

isabella said...

Lol! I'll meet you there around the middle of January, if only virtually (that's how long my resolutions last);-)

Chelsea said...

Oh I'm so glad you went! Thanks for the comment. I tried the cinnamon rolls before christmas...SO good. I also got a sample of their Tomato Bisque - Something I need to learn how to make.

They've actually changed things around from the first time I went in (I was lucky enough to stumble through their doors on their first day open). I recommend the sunflower-honey-oat bread with a little bit of butter. MMMM.

smilnsigh said...

Wow, that looks good!!!!!!


Cable Car Couture said...

LOVE FG&DB. Have been going nearly since they opened and keep going back. They've got great service, excellent food and such a charming atmosphere.