Friday, February 08, 2008

First South

This old church (it is indeed VERY OLD) is on First South, just a few blocks from the library. I will be sharing more of its history and close up photos with you this week.


Sonia said...

This image gives me the right feeling of winter... great photo and beautiful building!

Anonymous said...

American Fork Planners love to make old buildings in residential zone historic, which then allows (under city ordinance) them to let businesses set up in them.

Harrington School should be so lucky! But then again, it is not located in a purely residential area,so the City probably isn't interested.

Jana said...

What a pretty building!

Anonymous said...

It's on the historic registery, see plaque on the front door.

It's currently housing an Organ Factory. (the musical kind)

Gorgeous on the outside but gutted and used for manufacturing.