Friday, March 07, 2008

"My Mom is a Princess. My Dad is a Prince." 'Street Mural'

This would have made a very tender themeday post for this month, but I only just took the photo on Wednesday. I don't know who wrote it, just that it was written on a driveway while I was out enjoying the pretty, but chilly, weather with a friend and her dogs.

I love the sentiment and believe that it is true!

I am glad to be back posting about American Fork and the wonderful places and people that are in this city.

Speaking of wonderful American Fork, I just heard this week about a fabulous event coming up in June. On June 9th, the American Fork Library will be having a Fablehaven party, complete with the author, Brandon Mull. I still don't know all of the details, but all of you fairies and other mythical creatures need to start planning your costumes. I know I am!!

Also, did you see that I guessed 3/4 eliminated American Idols correctly?


b.c. said...

aww that's very sweet

Jess said...

i am in awe right now. i am from american fork and actually found this blog on the paris daily photo blog. i now live in florida and this blog is making me so happy, and bringing me back to my home town.

Jana said...

What a sweet little girl, she must love her mommy and daddy!